Finishing is a most significant feature for every quality product. When we articulate about homes, the big project building the malls or the commercial multifaceted the best quality Granite holds one degree more importance than in case of others. Sri Lankan Granite & Marble is a name in giving fine finishing to the homes, offices, buildings and shopping complex too by supplying superior quality Granite Tiles, Slabs and Marbles.


    Use of imported clays and glaze raw materials with advanced production techniques enhances the product quality conforming to British standard specification (BS EN 3402-1962), thereby ensuring that the products will be on par with that of any leading European manufacturer in terms of both design and quality. All the moulds are made from epoxy resin case moulds, which will ensure superior surface qualities and dimensional stability.


    We cover all the auction houses in Japan, but the system only displays Japanese brands and the vehicles which we can import to Sri Lanka. We do this for our customer's conveniences