Kayo trading was formed by a group of independent professionals, each of them highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields of study. The objective of them coming together was to facilitate international trade by offering a unique service to the buyers and sellers in the international market.

At its inception Kayo trading was known as an exclusive trade broker who facilitated credible trading links between buyers and sellers around the world. However with the dedicated vision and forward looking goals of the Founder/Managing Director Mr. R. K. Rajah, the company was able to establish itself as a reliable and professional entity that had a market driven approach catered to the requirement of its diverse clientele. Since its first successful trade facilitation. Kayo trading has come a long way in offering its services to a numbers of prestigious clients the world over.

Kayo trading began developing its export product portfolio comprising of spices with the intention of offering the international markets a premium quality Sri Lankan product at competitive prices. The success of Kayo trading has been its very extensive and unique out-grower network located around the island. This has afforded the company to offer the best produce, fresh from the fields at reasonable prices.

Today Kayo trading is considered as one of the leading players in spice exports and has on offer a wide variety of Sri Lankan Spices and Commodities in both bulk and value-added forms. The company is in the process of developing its own farming units that would practice 100% eco-friendly production practices. This will enable them to offer customers a choice of organic as well as non-organic products as per the customer's requirement. To support this initiative Kayo trading proposes to work with a cluster of out-grower farmers and certified growers to source the products in demand. It also proposes to introduce its own hi-tech processing facility which will include a full line of drying, cleaning, sorting, sizing, grinding, sieving and storing capabilities. Still further the produce will be tested and approved in its own laboratory under the guidance of its qualified staff and will confirm to a strict quality assurance program entailing Food Safety Management Systems that meet both local and international criteria.

Over the years Kayo trading has built strong relationships with national and international co-operatives, growers, processes and exporters throughout Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia and this allows it to source, procure and deliver products reliably and on a long-term basis. This has been the long standing success of the company in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment.